idol trash

Helo, it is I, your local Zackie.

Early 30s, she/her, Southwest VA
Mostly cries about idols and video games and her dead-end retail job, when not retweeting Bad Memes.

Collects a LOT of merch and is drowning in makeup and ita bags.

☆NSFW twitter@diamondfusing (private, 18+ only)

☆Honestly, I’d really recommend my followers to be 18+ because I myself am older, and I don’t always think about minors when I’m posting. If you’re comfortable with that, come on in!

☆I tell awful jokes and I can get NSFW with text on my main. If something bothers you, please speak up so I can fix it!

IRL married to Mintiel

Discord: zackie#0666
PSN: zackiestars
Steam: /id/starsshiningout
FFXIV: Lucian Celestine
Maplestory GMS: Lumoenous (GRAZED)
IDOLiSH7: 477604992
Yumeiro Cast: 161690324
EN LLSIF: 930566714
GBF: 23346159
EN UtaPri SL: 581031076
TO Asteria: 448608985
FE Heroes: 6452157418
Otome Yuusha:

I love Tsunashi Ryuunosuke and to roleplay and shitpost and make ita bags despite being broke af

Gaius is my actual husband.